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Reverse Engineering

WannaSwirl Fixed (500pts)
WiRE (390pts)
Lightningrod (499pts)
Recurso (500pts)
WannaSwirl (471pts)
Zabomb (100pts)
Rasm (500pts)


BogoAttack (442pts)
Ainz Summoning Ritual (496pts)
Progressive Dynamite (100pts)
Bogo Solve (249pts)
3Dangerous Commute (498pts)

Kiddie Pool

3in1 (100pts)
Vieta's Poly (100pts)
K3RN3L DROID (100pts)
Integrity Checker (471pts)
Fractional Fractions (100pts)
Twizzty Buzzinezz (100pts)
Badseed (202pts)


Gradebook (454pts)
Wyze Guy (500pts)
Easy kernel is still kernel right? (480pts)
on_the_hook (461pts)
silent-ROP (454pts)


Pryby (100pts)
MathyOracle (267pts)
Pascal RSA (100pts)
United Trees Of America (486pts)
Total Encryption (500pts)
Tick Tock (497pts)
Shrine of the Sweating Buddha (500pts)
Poly-Proof (490pts)
Poly Expo go BRRRRR (494pts)
Objection! (500pts)
Non-Square Freedom 2 (490pts)
Cozzmic Dizzcovery (499pts)
1-800-758-6237 (437pts)
Ain't No Mountain High Enough (500pts)
Beecryption (500pts)
Game of Secrets (500pts)
HADIOR (499pts)
Mowhock (500pts)
Non-Square Freedom 1 (465pts)

Sanity Check

Sanity Check (100pts)